Updating Your Point of Sale

The Version 12 Update is through development.

Upgrade Installation Manual

If you are updating because of PCI Compliance demand from the credit card companies, please read the following.

To get a head start on the update, every computer that will be processing credit cards must have MS .NET 3.5 loaded on it. This is a free download from Microsoft. You can load this on your computers ahead of time. This install is a MUST if you are using pcCharge or Mercury Processing.

Microsoft .NET 3.5 download

This is a fairly straight forward download and install. Make sure to do a backup of your POS data before doing the .NET install. If you run into problems, call a local computer expert, this is not something our tech-support can help you with.


If you are using the Mercury processing, you MUST upgrade a software package on your computer that you are already using DSIClient - to upgrade DSIClient, click the link below and install on each computer that you accept credit cards on, the install below is NOT needed if you are using pcCharge;

Download Latest DSIClient (see picture below for correct link)

Doing the Upgrade

Since NO TECH SUPPORT was included in the upgrade price and you feel you might need tech support, please contact our tech support department by email for an appointment - this should correspond with a time you feel you will be doing the upgrade so we may assist you. Please list the time and date you wish to do your upgrade.

Email Our Tech-Support for Upgrade Assistance Appointment

Tech Support Agreement and Pricing

Due to the large volume of stores and business's doing their upgrade around the same time, an appointment is highly recommended. We have out-sourced part of our tech support to handle this expected high volume of tech support request.

You will NOT receive tech-support without a support agreement faxed in.

This download placed here April 2013 - 6:00 pm

Download the New Version 12 POS

Things you will likely have to change

  • Check your scanning equipment - some older models like the VeriFone Everest Plus and the old VeriFone 1000 are now NOT PCI compatible. Please NOTE; the VeriFone 1000se is compatible and the recommended Pin Pad.
  • Your card reader, if it has a Carriage Return after track one and you are using Mercury, this MUST be removed so there is ONLY a Carriage Return after the full credit card scan. THis does NOT apply to pcCharge.