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Rocket Point of Sale - The World's best MS-Windows based Point of Sale software package on the market today. From the easy to use Touch-Screen interface as well as the end-user configurable layouts and functionality.

If you own a Retail store, Wholesale business or other type of business where tracking customers, inventory, vendors and purchase orders are important, you have found the right software.

Used by literally thousands and thousands of retail stores all across the country.  In 1997, Rocket Point of Sale was initially designed from scratch to run on Microsoft Windows. Over the years, along with the upgrades,  the new enhanced features as well as the reliability, has reached the heights you would expect from a full-featured mature product. We continue to add new and exciting features through the years as our end-users supply us with ideas.

NEW 2015 - Are you tired of paying ridiculous credit card rates? Would you like to cut your credit card rates and at the same time receive free upgrades and support? Rocket Point-of-Sale has received a special, limited deal with one of the nations leading credit card processors.  This processor is giving Rocket POS an unbelievably discounted rate, which we are passing on to all of our Point Of Sale customers. It is very simple.  When you sign up with our new processor, you receive – at a Reduced cost -  a new Rocket  POS software upgrade designed to handle the new EMV Smart Cards (chip in a card) credit cards coming next year. This is a mandatory upgrade for every Point of Sale user in the USA regardless of which POS software you are using. See more information about this special offer by clicking the link directly below.

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Another cool feature in Version 14, You will be able to Push your inventory items up to the cloud, then from home and other places besides your store, edit, add to and delete your individual inventory items. These items will then be pulled into your store POS by your store's POS. Soon we will also be adding remote Purchase Orders and Financial reporting from your home computer. No setup up is required for these features and they will be very easy to use as well as password protected. Read More.....


We will also be releasing our new web-based version of our online Point of Sale software. This feature access is built into our Version 14.

With our new web-based software, you will be able to use any web-capable device (iPad, iPhone, MS Surface, Droid, Home Computer, etc.)  that has access to the internet to do the following features.

  • Create a new Invoice/Ticket

  • Add, Edit, Delete or Search for Inventory Items

  • Adjust Inventory Qty on hand.

  • Receive from a Non-PO

  • Create / Edit a Purchase Order

  • Receive from a Purchase Order

  • Works from ANYWHERE in the world

  • Many financial reports are built in

  • Many more features are in the development for release soon

Our online version of our Point of Sale works in conjunction with our standard Point of Sale and is NOT a replacement for our standard Point of Sale. Your store data is automatically sent up to the cloud, once there you can manipulate the cloud data, as described above, and it is then pushed back down to the Point of Sale, seamlessly with no extra setup or extra steps.

Simplified Example1; You have an Apple iPad and an optional bluetooth wireless scanner, you bring up our Cloud, bring up the invoicing module with one click, you start at either your counter or walking around your store with your customer doing a sale, when done the sale, you scan their credit card on the iPad, print a receipt from a receipt printer hanging on your belt, out the door they go with their merchandise. Great for busy stores during seasonal rushes, or trade shows on the road. Also great for taking a credit card at the table if you have our Point of Sale is the restaurant mode. Endless possibilities.

Simplified Example2; Say you do a Purchase Order on the Point of Sale, as you would normally do. When the newly ordered merchandise arrives at your store, you get out your iPad (or other internet capable device) with an optional barcode scanner, bring up the RocketPOS Cloud website, accessible ONLY with your password, click the button that says Receive Purchase Order, you enter the purchase order number, the purchase order comes up on your iPad, not exactly laid out but similar to the receive screen found in the Point of Sale, and you start scanning in the newly received items. Once you are done scanning in all of the items, making any adjustments needed to the PO, click the Process button, your data then flows from the Cloud back down to your Point of Sale, everything is updated and your ready to sell these items. There is no setup of this feature, servers to maintain or other cumbersome features you used to have to worry about in the past. With our new no-hassle Cloud software, Cloud data is automatically moved up to the Cloud and back down to the Point of Sale as it is updated or needed. This feature is all built into the Point of Sale and of course, everything is heavily PASSWORD PROTECTED. Once the data has moved to the Cloud, you can then access it from anywhere in the world over the Internet using our web-based-software. There is a modest monthly subscription rate for this service, prices have not yet been determined, but it will be very reasonable considering the immense power of this new feature. Multiple store capability is also built in.

Sound complicated? Not really, there is one button to push on the Point of Sale to activate everything and the rest is done on the Internet like any other internet application, very very simple to use!

You can also now rent our Point of Sale on a monthly basis, includes free upgrades and supports while you rent. See our Pricing button below for more information.

By clicking on the button links below, you can see the answers to all of your questions. When compared to any other POS product, regardless of price, you will see Rocket POS is the correct choice for you.

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Power Users - Suggested Purchase

If you know databases and tables or just want extra freedom with our Point of Sale - We suggest purchasing the above tool. We do not provide support for this tool.